Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lost rawks. Love it, love it, love it.

Take a plane full of strangers, shake well, dump on mysterious island, and then plop unsuspecting viewers in the middle of it. Yes, yes, yes. I love having to peice together who everyone is, what their story is, where did they come from, where are they going, and what are all those tantalising clues scattered hither and yon?

Though the dog had better be okay, that's all I'm saying. Yep, they can rip the pilot out of the plane, and apparently eviscerate or otherwise maul him, run a heartbreaking distress call that's been unanswered for sixteen years, but if they don't make sure the dog is all right, I'm outta there.

Though I had noticed the handcuffs on the ground in the premeire episode, I did not see it coming as to who the prisoner was. Should be verrry interesting. Love the washed-up rock star and the middle-eastern gent, Sayid, who seems to be the one who knows the most about how airplanes work. The doctor hero is pretty nifty, too, but the other guys are grabbing my interest more. Also the Korean couple. And the pregnant woman. And Hurley.Actually I'm hoping for a true ensemble show, though I'm not holding my breath.

I may have been wrong, but did they say in a promo that not everyone will survive the show? Kewl, kewl, kewl. Me, slavering fangirl?

Yeah, probably.


Marguerite Arotin said...

I keep meaning to watch that show but I wasn't sure when it was on. Looked pretty cool from the previews. Since I'll be working a lot of nights from now until x-mas :-), I'll have to record it (luckily for us, we have Direct TV with Tivo :-).) The previews reminded me of an old Lucille Ball movie, called Five came back, it was made in the fourties I think. Watched it over my father-in-lawshhouse and it was really neat. Kind of the same premise. A plane full of a bunch people crashes on an island. They manage to get the plane repaired but only five could go fly back home on it. My father-in-law once said that it would be really neat if someone remade the movie and it looks like they have as a T.V. Show :-).

Teresa said...

Was reading your posts and saw this one about Lost. I love this show. We didn't have television for two years and this is the first show that I've become addicted to since we got cable back.