Thursday, September 16, 2004

Road to Writing: Me? Avoid? Never!

Testing the "blog this" feature by adding the link above. In short, found Lynn's blog, and will add to links. It's still early, only one cup of tea in me, and my brain does not arrive until the bottom of the second cup.

I can very much relate to one of Lynn's rants on working at home. It's far too easy to allow things to take up writing time. Sleep being a big one. I don't get enough sleep, and boy is it tempting to grab some during the day.

Or more likely knowing me, to force myself through the day without a desperately needed nap because I can do it. Of course that usually leaves me staring at the screen and making a sound somewhere in the neighborhood of "urrrrgh." Hopefully today will be better.


Ellen Fisher said...

Hi, Anna! Just wanted to say thanks for adding my blog to your links! I'll add yours to my website links next time I update. I still haven't figured out how to add a sidebar to my blog *hanging head in shame* so I'm adding everyone to my website instead:-).

Marguerite Arotin said...

Thank Goodness PJ is in preschool now his mommy has a chance to nap too :-). LOL, actually I've found that it's easiest to write while he's at preschool. As for sleeping at night, I'm usually in bed by eleven 'cause I know my little boy will be up bright and early. Take care, get some sleep :-), and thank you thank you again for all your help. Let's hope that your right and this will be my first of many sales :-).