Monday, September 06, 2004

Despite a distinct lack of social emails in my in-box today (must remind self is normal holiday thing) I am still in a good mood. One of the things I really like about having signed with an e-publisher is that I get to have lots of control over the cover art --and control freak is very much me in this regard (and others, but that's another post.) Right from the time I found out I could choose my own art/artist, I knew who I wanted to use; Tim Harrison (must find and post some of his stuff, with permission.)

We'd met through a mutual friend, when we were both working in the fanzine "business," and his illos clicked with my writing. As in he'd read the story and bloop, there are the original characters looking the way they did in my head. Ah, bliss.

Will skip the boring how we found the right phone number (which was the wrong phone number, but he happened to be there anyway, which I think is delightful) and yes, he would love to do the illustration. Huzzah! In the words of Animal from the Muppets "me so happy."

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