Friday, September 26, 2008

I have a cover! Squee! Orphans in the Storm, my spring release from Awe-Struck E-Books, gets all dressed pretty by the talented Kathleen Underwood (whose name I will steal for a heroine one day) and I couldn't be happier.
The images were taken from unrestricted stock images at DeviantArt. Anybody want to guess at how many pictures this picture actually is? I'll share links to the original images soon, as well as an excerpt, but since I'm spending today burning sampler CDs for my backlist (hey, I get to say "my backlist!" ::pumps fist::) and an advance peek at Orphans, I'll give you the short blurb today.

The Hidden Countess:
A black robe brought Jonnet Killey to the Isle of Man and a black robe would take her away to the noble English family she has never known.

The King’s Man:
All Simon Burke wants is to carry out his mission to return Jonnet to her birth mother and secure the funds to help finance Charles Stuart’s return to British soil.

An Adventure in Exile:

A new life awaits Jonnet, with a mother on the brink of madness and a treacherous uncle who will stop at nothing to keep Jonnet’s inheritance to himself. While the end of exile nears, danger mounts. Can Simon and Jonnet depend on their newfound love to sustain them while the storm of treachery rages around them?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fall is undoubtedly here. Ignore the current temperature in the seventies, the temps that may actually creep up a bit more during the next few days. They do not scare me; they will settle soon. This means cool, crisp air (and hopefully put us out of athsma season) I can see color on the tree outside my office window, and that's what counts, so I'm calling it fall. Umm, and Labor Day was a few days ago, so I think that fits.
Another week, and yet more real life curveballs. Nothing involving a hospital, but I am picking up some extra cat-sitting time for three cats in two different places (because friends had to be out of town unexpectedly -- for a good reason, not a traumatic one, but still on short notice), Rheuben is begging boxes (if you're in the Enfield, CT area and have boxes, we want them! Really!) because we are moving in two weeks. ::runs around in circle, pulling at own hair:: and I want to be at the living out of boxes stage so we can be ready when it's time to schlep our worldly goods down the street, which is where new place is. So that we can live out of boxes there, and begin all conversations with "honey, where's the ______?"
The week is before me, though I'm still getting through last week's insanity to figure out what day it is (right now, I'm calling today "the day after Bones went to England" -- because I kindasorta half listened to the Bones season premiere, but don't quiz me on anything) and planning out when I'll be writing (desperately miss the momentum I had during our chapter's Book in Six Weeks program...which I think we are unofficially continuing, but I'm behind on emails) and when I'll be packing, box-begging, or doing any of the other moving related tasks, not to forget the wondrous joy of estate stuff and such. I think I may need to play Sims2 for a while to get a needed dose of silly; also to back up my favorite games in preparation for Apartment Life (ironic, b/c we are moving from an apartment to a small house in real life). Because of course the cable is out and was supposed to be fixed by 5AM; it's after that, and no cable. Harumph. I wanted to get current on my new addiction: Nanny 911. I love watching those women whip families into shape. Do they do all -adult families? If not, I am willing to put a frilly bonnet on at least one of the cats.
Finished reading a book that I'm still deciding if I liked it or not, and need to pick something else, but definetly salivating over the new/upcoming Elizabeth Hoyt, Tracy MacNish and Bertrice Small historicals. Picked up a fair amount of promising inspirationals at the library as well, so will sort through those and see if I get any volunteers for the next read. If you hear any supressed growling and stomping about, it is probably me venting my frustrations over having to miss the one local event I look forward to all year, which kicks off the fall season for me -- a library book sale in the town where my dad's house is. Out of my control that I won't be availiable on that day, but a gal's allowed to fuss over such things, right? I'll bring my own box to the used bookstore next week (if I'm not packing) and pretend.