Monday, October 04, 2004

If you're ever contemplating accidentally smacking yourself in the cold sore with a towel, thus tearing off the scab before it's ready, I have one word for you. Don't. Ow. Gross and ow. But on the mend.

The contest stuff is all in and judged (at least my round, but it's off my desk and on someone else's) and today is desk clearing day. Ugh. Not fun, but needed. Still have to check my notes from the RWA meeting to see what I volunteered for. Must also poke around for authors to interview, and, oh joy of joys (sarcasm mode on) update ye olde webbesyte. Then there is the stack of books for review that I can no longer plausibly skirt around. Am looking forward to reading them all, but the thought of more work maketh me whimper.

Don't remember if I was able to post it this weekend, but on Saturday after the meeting, I went to three, count them, three bookstores, and not a current Romantic Times in sight. Feh. I am very grumbly when in sick mode, or when I can't get my RT on time, and when both are happening at the same time...ugh. Let's just say my friend who I was with found the sure cure. Yankee Candle. I grabbed three votives that had "autumn" in the name and was tolerable for the ride home. Any grumbles were met with "smell your candles." Which I did. It works.

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