Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ah, sweet freedom. No non-feline lifeforms sucking my air today, which makes me stop and ask myself why then the thought of writing the first scene in my outline (scene from the outline; the outline is already written) is scary. I know what has to happen, I know where it's going. I wanted to be in my hero's head for this, and I am, and...if I were a horse, I'd be balking. No idea why.

The actual business of the scene isn't much, and I debated skipping it, but when I went to write what I thought was the next logical step, my brain and characters dragged me back to that one. Feh. Flailing fists and kicking feet. Hero assures me it's needed, though to my mind, it's not much. Character X has to give hero an item he has to go sell to get funds for Noble Cause(tm) relay a highly romanticised version of way said item was smuggled out of its original country, and hero is on his way. Then hero takes item where it's supposed to go and we have a "well, I didn't know *that*" moment. His, not mine.

So yeah, it is needed. Still...if I write it, do I get gummi bears? (likely not, as there are none in the house, but I can play a half hour of the Sims -- I have one family of mom, dad, daughter, granddad, living in a one bedroom house. Too funny trying to get them all to bed, when there is only one double bed (mom and dad) one couch (daughter) and one outdoor recliner on the front lawn (grandpa, but he deserves it; he okayed daughter's adoption when mom and dad were both off at work. Maybe I'll be nice and move them to a bigger house, but poor grandpa did so much work on the garden that I hate to leave it.)

Umm, really, I am not a professional Sims player. I do write real books, really I do.

I am also miffed that Spike TV took away my Highlander break.

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