Saturday, May 29, 2004

Feeling especially diva-licious today. Got my hair reredded and chatted about Survivor and writing and life. Hair person very impressed that I have two stories sold between now and last time I saw her, said they sound "very romantic" which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Or maybe that was the color on my scalp.

Tipped her with a domino pin I'd made, and while I can say that I've never had anyone make the "ca-ching" noise before upon recieving one of my creations, I sure could get used to it.

New writing group stuff is going very well. I have everyone's goals printed on spretty paper and tacked to the wall right where I can see it, to keep me on track, and keep me mindful of what the other gals need. Reminds me that little bits add up, and I'm not allowed to sell myself short.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I have an affectionate kitty in my lap, frosty fuschia polish on my toes, my "Just Researching My Novel" tshirt on, so I'm good to go for the day. After kitty has had her cuddle time, that is. She must have a period of time at the start of each day, where she gets to cuddle in my lap on her special afghan (she suckles on it) and I give her belly rubs while I check my email. This is non-negotiable, no matter what the schedule or weather.

Ahh, she's down. This does not neccessarily remove that "I have suddenly forgotten how to write" feeling that often comes at the beginning of a session, but it does restore circulation to my legs. The only way to get past the forgetting to write feeling is to actually write. Some days it's scary to do that, but then there are the days when there has been good feedback, I know I'm going to see other writers in person (I am very much a people person) soon, and it's easier to connect.

Plus I want to see what Simon and Jonnet are up to.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Also finishing my Faith, Hope and Love contest judging today. Must copy forms, fill out, mail in, and then my desk is cleared. Will reward myself with Carol Umberger's second Scottish Crown book (I am weak for those fuzzy page edges, thank you dear publisher!) and Roseanne Bittner's first inspirational for the Steeple Hill single title line. Turn of the century Alaska, could it get any fresher? (And how did Chandler Bing get into my post?)

On another note, watched the last "AJ" episode of JAG last night, wherein my favourite character, Admiral Chegwidden retired. John M. Jackson did an incredible job, as always, of portraying the character, and it looks like AJ is going off into a very happy future outside of the Navy. Were I still fanficcing, I'd follow. As is, I expect his character's transfer papers to arrive at the historical desk in my imagination's waiting room, where he can be assigned a proper historical era and a new character can begin to form. I'm thinking somewhere in Cornwall, in the 16th-18th century range. Several possibilities.
Reading on Thursday (coffeehouse) went fine. I rather surprised myself at not caring what sort of reception I got, read my piece, enjoyed that, sat back down. Not the most romance-friendly of venues, but it honestly didn't matter. I know why I'm writing this story, I love what I do, and I know where it comes from, and that's enough. Very nice, that. Now if I can only figure out how to put tush in chair and fingers to keyboard on a more regular basis. Trying, honestly, to get back to the days when I could pound out ten to twenty pages per day (shooting for ten, will see from there) -- but of course that was a while ago, and I "know" too much more about writing than I did then, so that may be slowing down the process. I don't know.

What I do know is that I am very excited about the new offshoot two friends and I are starting, of a group we've been in for years. This old group has gone on an inadvertent hiatus, but the three of us got to talking at the reading, and there are a few things we wanted to do differently, so we're giving it a try this summer. First meeting is on Wednesday, and we've invited two others to join us, though I don't know if they'll make it. Even if not, I respect, like and admire the other two gals (of us three) and would feel very comfortable letting them in on the process.

The three of us all have manuscripts in the partial stage that we would like to get to the full stage, submit and sell. This new group feels right already.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Thank God it's Monday. That is a prayer. After the very strange weekend I had, I think fighting the English Civil War is going to be a piece of cake. Once I complete my Good Daughter/Good Sister duties and get things culled from the net that my dad asked for, and the pages from my Worst Case Scenario desk calendar in an envelope to my sister. Still don't know what I'm reading/wearing for the coffeehouse on Thursday, and found out yesterday afternoon, in the midst of a very twirly Sunday, that Rheuben's co-worker's wedding is the same day as my RWA meeting. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Can I go back to bed now? Please, pretty please? No? ::Sigh:: Okay, I'll write instead.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Finished and sent in my scoresheets for the Daphne contest. One contest down, one more to go, and one in the making. I volunteered for my RWA chapter's contest committee. This will be our second year running the contest (for unpubs only so far) and I'm looking forward to the experience. Brings out my inner Simon Cowell. Or inner Paula Abdul. Oh, shooties, inner Randy Jackson come to think of it. I'm not a meanie, but then again when judging in the pubbed category, chances are things are going to be good anyway. The FHL contest is pubbed also, and the judging criteria briefer. I hope to have that down by midweek at the latest. Good thing I'm a fast reader.

Will probably do today's writing-writing at home. Husband working, nothing planned, just me, fresh sheets and my notebook. Ah, bliss. Unless I crash.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Brain blank at the moment, which can be a normal occurrence on a Saturday afternoon. It's been a frenetic week, and I'm pooped. Got the new RT BOOKCLUB magazine todayl, and not terribly thrilled with the current month's offerings. I'm not terribly big on the 19th century as a whole, or paranormals, and guess what dominates the historical offerings this month? Yep.

Not that I'll have any lack of books to read -- picked up the scond in Carol Umberger's Scottish Crown series at the Christian bookstore, and will get to that right after I finish judging the contest books. Also zooming through Laura Kinsale's For My Lady's Heart which is also fabulous. So, must take in good stuff to put out good stuff. Also got a letter from a friend last night that was wonderfully encouraging about writing, so stuff for that to do, too.

But currently -- checking for new stuff to download for The Sims.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Started this new blog today, part of my new professionalism push. Finally tired of the "storage" part of "office/storage room" and since I actually --nearly fall over backwards time-- have stuff out and about, my thing for this month is to whip my website into shape. Which includes this.

I'm not a big diary or journal person, but I do babble on random occasions. After reading a wonderful article on on using specific colors to "brand" oneself as a writer, image-wise, coupled (actually, never say "coupled" to a romance writer) with the very informative talk given by one of our RWA chapter members on writer websites this past month, I see where I can get a little work done.

I was going to call this "What's an Unzadi, Anyway?" and may yet. I'm still playing. In short, I write historical and inspirational romantic fiction. Some short stories out, some poetry, one novel making the rounds, more in the works. Also a stamp/collage artist, wife, daughter, friend, sister, cat aunty, unwilling laundry slave. Plus I play the Sims a lot. Which actually does help with character development. But onward.