Tuesday, September 07, 2004

You'd think there would be more to the day's writing than drawing little boxes and writing people's names in them. Yep, that's right, I have reached the stage of the diagram. In which I know what has to happen in the scene I write next, but have no idea how to go about it. Completely stymied.

So, we go to the visuals. Three boxes and a circle. One box for each floor of the house. Circle is outside. Write names of people who will be on each floor (or outside) in the appropriate shape. That way I know who would logically be close enough to butt in on the action, and who can't possibly know what's going on. It's a place to start. Usually a little diagram work can get me right back on track. Hopefully this will be the case here, because I hate it when a scene is hard in coming.

Since The Husband is home tonight, hopefully I can talk him into getting dinner, which may buy some more writing time. Plus we need toothpaste. If I send him out for that on his own, there's a good chance he'll get the orange kind, --cinnamon is better; I'd also take mint, but I'm the only mint person in the house-- but I'm willing to take that chance so I can play with my boxes and the fallout from them.


Anonymous said...

Charts! Maps! Index cards! Hey, at least they get you off that computer chair and moving around, right?

Kate Rothwell, who's glued to her chair (and NOT working)
Hope to see you Saturday? Friday night?

Anna said...

Y'know, that comment arrived in my in-box the exact second I updated the new entry. But yeah, getting up to hunt for a pencil and spread out for diagrams does get one out of the puter chair.