Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another fine mess...

Houston, we have a problem. Several chapters of the nearly finished WIP have vanished from where I thought I'd stored them. The first 115 pages are fine, and the most recent chapters are fine, too, but the stuff in between not so much. I do still have them on the old computer's hard drive, so they are recoverable, but I still need a moment to scream.

Lots of work to do at present, and much of it in a short time, but those who know me well know I like a challenge. So in a way this is kind of a good thing. Of course if the virus from the other computer comes over along with the files, it may be a different, uh, story. Pardon the pun.

For today, I'm writing today's pages, keeping up with the contest stuff and hopefully printing off a few dozen brochures, since I left a bunch of those on the table at church where people leave freebies (everything from fliers to food, household supplies, etc) and taking a few Sims 2 breaks to keep sanity in place.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Midpoint on my week with Kat, and a few hours before the book party tonight, so I'm grabbing a moment to blog.

Kat and I had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon, trying to tell each other things about ourselves we didn't already know. Seeing as how we've been good friends for a long time, it was a bit tricky, but we did find out about our mutual hatred of celery, that tomato soup should only be properly made with milk if either of us are expected to eat it, and we would each rather chew off a limb than work retail again.

So, in that spirit, things you, the blog reader, might not already know about me:

*The playlist most often played on my laptop is named "angst, and contains multiple selections by Meat Loaf and Alanis Morrissette.

*My slippers are big bear heads

*It was either that or big orange cats, but I thought they might give Olivia a complex

*I once considered going into cosmetology as a career

*The toasted coconut donuts are always mine

*I don't understand why anyone thought lemon was a good flavor for toothpaste

*When I ride a carousel, the horse should be black if at all possible

*I love rollercoasters unless there is a loop -- then you're not getting me on it ever

*Current song stuck in my head is "Bird in December" by George Canyon -- it makes me weep, and I like that

*There are three sets of disposable contacts in my medicine cabinet that are at least two years old, but have never been opened. Not sure if I'd seem like a doofus if I asked the optometrist if they're still safe.

*Correct order in which to eat Chuckles candy, according to me: orange, yellow, green, red, black. (Going from least to most favorite, that's my technique.)

*I have to start dialing the numbers for voting on American Idol as soon as they start showing them (at the end of the program) because it takes me that long to figure out how to punch in the whole thing. (btw, I voted for Chris last night; sorry, Taylor and Mandisa. There's always next week.)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Apologies for the low profile, and the huge lag in updating the actual website (with Marguerite's wonderful graphics, too; should get on that ASAP.) I have informed the DH that I intend to make a pup tent out of our fuzzy duck blankey and live in that for at least two weeks, subsisting entirely on a diet of midget cans of Diet Coke and Kentucky mints.

Why? Besides the fact that Kentucky mints are nummy, that is? Glad you asked. You know those times when real life and writing life all go foom in your face at once? Uh huh. That's where we are at the moment. Besides plugging towards the end of OitS, being historical category coordinator for our chapter's contest, getting ready to look for new online class instructors, moderating a faaabulous online class, helping to plan a book launch party some wonderful friends are putting together for me, and getting ready for a houseguest (the delightful Kat, only days away now) while in the midst of two big decluttering projects...and the cold snap we've been having and the cold sore that may be brewing, I really do think the pup tent idea has merit.

Of course I will have my review books and laptop in there with me. As well as the world's most comfortable headphones -- which Rheuben got at the dollar store of all places. The things were apparently designed for joggers, but work equally well for computers. We now own three pairs. I am spoiled for other headphones.

Rheuben beat me to the punch by informing me that he knows when I slide the Phil Collins CD out of the pup tent, that means I am done with it for the time being and he is to slide in one of Rod Stewart's American Songbook albums (which Rheuben bought me on his own, no prompting; what a guy)and when I slide that one out, the next one in the stack. He also insisted on putting in a chicken sandwich once in a while, which I do appreciate, as long as he keeps the level of the Kentucky mints up to the line I will mark on the dish.

Can't complain much, though. Reviews for MOH are starting to come in, and so far all of them have said lovely things about the historical atmosphere (which thrills me to no end) and characters. I got my first fan letter yesterday; actually first and second, ass the gal wrote back after I told her she was my first. (Thanks, Mary Ann)Now I really have to get started on that "first year as an author" scrapbook.