Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hopefully you will see a bear trying to chat up a bear statue. One of the many fun things Claire the Bear does in the Sims. The Sims2 is out, but my puter is too puny, and I have Sims1 expansion packs yet to try.

Still relatively early for a Sunday morning. I don't have to light out of here until nine-thirtyish, and it's far before that now, so reading a few blogs, killing time. Told myself I wasn't going to Sim this AM, but probably will. Thanks to those who have posted on my name question. Names have fascinated me since I was a little, little kid, so I always want to know what everyone else thinks about them.

Often when naming a character (or a house; must name two of them for the current WIP, Orphans in the Storm, and am drawing a blank, so it's things like This House and That House until I figure it out) I'll come up with a quality of sound, or a letter that must or cannot be in there (yes, I'm anal about names, thank you for noticing, and please use a coaster.) There are not a lot of suitable English names for females usable in the 18th century (the names, not the females -- oh bother, I need more tea) starting with "T." Taffy and Trixie and Tiffany will not do. I did settle on one, which is actually a Spanish word rather than an English name, but with an explanation for why the heroine has an unusal name, I think I'll be okay.

Phew. Have also outlined the middle middle (or at least the start thereof) for Orphans in the Storm and am very pleased with how that's going. Wondered how I was going to get my h/h married, and yep, there it is right plain. My heroine told me how it was going to go, and I said that was fine with me, and viola. It's lovely when characters want to cooperate.


McVane said...

lol! Taffy is a Welsh male name, so you're right to discard that one. :) Good luck in finding a name for your heroine. :>

McVane said...

Sorry. I didn't explain how so. Taffy is an Anglicised "corrupted" name of Dafydd [David]. *sigh* Sometimes I think we all are mind readers. Sorry about that. :)

Anna said...

::smacks self in forehead:: I knew that. Won't repeat the rhyme that drilled that into my head that Taffy is a Welsh male name, but no, it's definetly not heroine name material. Nor is Tammy (for a historical) which is probably what I meant to type. Going to have some tea now.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned moi! I'm honored. Am I mentioned anywhere else? LOL!

Teresa said...


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

You asked about names. Mine is Teresa, and it stands for Reaper or Harvester. Not sure on the orgin however.

And I have to say, I totally agree with your comment about how lovely it is when your characters cooperate.

Good Luck!