Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I meant well today, I really did. See Barney there? I showed up at the puter with every intention of reconstructing the six pages the puter ate at the end of work yesterday (eventually found them and saved them the right way, but I'm whining here)and...poopy. DH and I were both poopy-feeling puppies last night (him more than me, but nobody slept well) and I spent the day waiting for someone to come look at the tub and figure out why the drain doesn't drain (one guess who never showed)and though I noodled with the ms today, it feels flatter than a smushed pancake. Especially deflating as yesterday, I was on fire at the keyboard. Such is life. That's why they make tomorrows, as I say, but today, poopy, poopy, poopy.

Things about which I will whine:
General but manageable poopiness in the physical department.
Feeling like the day was spent applying head to brick wall again and again.
The tub which may or may not be able to drain.
Someone in our family is going to have to go grocery shopping or we will be forced to embark on the breatharian diet.
The really great dialog I banged out yesterday but have no idea where it goes in the current ms.

Things about which I will squee:
I banged out some really great dialog yesterday, and all I have to do is find its right place.
I recovered those six missing pages and can add more tomorrow.
Discovering the DJ function on my mp3 player (I know, fancy name for "shuffle" but I love it.)
The fact that DH may be braving the grocery store at this very moment. (May is the operative word, but I hate grocery shopping, and he is my superhero, so he will save me the chore if he can.)
That I know my hero and heroine well enough that when they're together on the page, things fly.
That my dream editor, Leah Hultenschmidt, will be at the New England conference in March.
That Orphans in the Storm comes out in March, so I'll be attending with a current release.
That the tub may be back in business tomorrow (and if so, I am pulling a Maggie Osborne and sinking up to my neck in bubbles, likely while writing on a pad held above same -- but will not photograph this or use is as my new author picture)
I can watch Lost with the DH tonight and share theories during the commercials.

Hmm, all in all, the squees outweigh the poops, so I'm calling it a good day. How's your poop/squee ratio?