Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How could I not take that picture? I love snow, I love cemeteries, and this one was on the same street as a friend's house, and I had my camera right there with me, so everything I needed was right there. I love it when things fall together like that.

Back in my fanfiction days, I wrote a novel-legnth quartet of stories that took place on an arctic world, with much angst and adventure, mostly because I wanted to have all the snow I could possibly want in my story world. My latest novel has a wintry setting, and come to think of it, so did the first one. (they're not related) Also one of my novel bytes. Do we see a trend here? Winter is where my brain goes first and I have to remind myself other seasons need love, too.

Winter is a good fit for me. I love when there's a pristine blanket of white over everything and the delicious feeling of being the one to make the first footprint -or decide not to- and even helping dig out a friend's car brings a giddy thrill. It's only this year that I've remembered to have my camera at the ready to catch moments of wintry inspiration. Will I have more wintry stories? Undoubtedly. Will the other seasons get some of my attention? Undoubtedly there as well, but I'll always have a favorite and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Do you have a favorite g0-to season for reading or writing? What about it grabs you? Share, and maaaaybe I won't lob a snowball in your direction. Maybe. Because I love a good snowball fight.