Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Okay okay, I admit it, I am a very very baaaaaaaaaaad blogger. It's been a rather full (and cold, as in freezing, as in dive for the flannel sheets and add blankeys to the wardrobe kind of cold) week around here. Writing is going quite well; I think I've hit my stride for this part of the book.

I will admit that part of my quietness is that the last complete scene I wrote was a tough one. My heroine had to say some things -- and not say other things-- to a character she might not see again, and let me tell you, this is one of those that takes something out of a writer. I love when that happens.

Matter of fact, I wish it happened more. That's when I know it's doing it right. When I want to run to the rail along with Jonnet and heave lunch over (okay, gross and graphic, I know, but bear with me) myself, it's because I'm feeling her turmoil along with her in more than the usual way.

I remember the first time this happened, when I was still writing "1" as the first digit of my age, and visiting an aunt in NYC. She understood I needed writing time (one of the many reasons we always did and still do get on that well.) As I sat down for that session, I told myself "when I get up from writing this, X will be dead." I liked X. I liked X a lot. Killing him was rough on me, but needed for the plot, and if I ever revisit that story (though I would have to fight the abominable mothball monster for it) X is still going down. I don't think I would have been happy with myself or the story if X hadn't gone out when and where and how he did. Nor would OitS be right if Jonnet didn't go through what she just did.

Bad things can happen to good characters, and make the story even better. Make it right. Since I'm writing romance, I know the happy ending is there, waiting at the other side of whatever lies between once upon a time and happily ever after. Call me twisted, but that's where the fun lives.

Friday, February 10, 2006

First time in around a month I've been able to do any stamping. I got the Feb/Mar issue of Stamper's Sampler last night, got inspired by some fabulous envelope designs this morning, so after breakfast, I decided to get started. When I was stopped by two realizations that hit at the exact same moment -- 1) I had misplaced the most important stamp I neeeded for this project, and 2) my jeans split. It's okay; they had led a long, full life and were too big for me anyway, but they were ready to lay it down at last.

Since the other winter-ready things I could possibly wear are in the wash, I am now dressed, ah, creatively on the bottom half. May have to send my friend Linda by Target on the way to come grab me to do evening errands so she can pick up something that will fit me and *not* look like I mugged a clown on my way to the beach. Ahem. I really do look quite well put together from the waist up.

Big ol' snowstorm headed our way which should seal me in at home on Saturday. That might actually be nice. I can finish judging Golden Heart entries and read books for review. Okay, and play Sims2 until my eyeballs fall out. I am nothing if not realistic. Does hot chocolate and teeny flavored marshmallows count as a necessity? I'm thinking yes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anybody out there with experience on removing a stuck floppy disk from the disk drive? This thing is fingernail-munchingly stuck and refuses to budge even a smidge. Ah well, that is one good thing about being a five minute walk from Best Buy. I may be getting to know the Geek Squad soon.

Other than that, progress on OitS clips along. I'm at the point where my heroine is about to ditch her biofamily and make a break to head back to the Isle of Man. She hates to skip out on her mother in law, so she'll let that one in on her plans, but this is something she has to do. I'm kind of lump in the throat-y about it myself. I like heroine's MIL.

This is a trying time for my heroine, as she's going to be out on her own, among people, for the very first time as she tries to get her own transport. Still, it's what she has to do, so she's going to get about it. So she's going to have to give her creator a kick in the patoot to get things into gear.

Friday, February 03, 2006

I spent most of my morning today crafting the immunity idol for my local RWA chapter. Whoever possesses the idol cannot be volunteered for anything at that meeting. I'd mentioned it as a joke at lunch one month and the other gals insisted I actually make it. We'll see if it passes muster. Sorry, no digicam, so no picture yet. Nor can I show you my very painty fingers, but take my word for it.

Speaking of immunity idols, new season of Survivor started last night; I watched it live while taping Dancing With the Stars (and the following Primetime Live special on ballroom dancind.) Should be an interesting round this season. Still getting to know everyone, but Cirie looks like one to watch, and how neat is it that they have an author on board? I'm sure he'll get a ton of ideas from this experience. Lots of potential in a shipwreck situation. Okay, so he's not a romance writer, but the setting is a natural. Love the whole Exile Island factor, too.

Had a name from my random idea file float to the top of my noggin when I went to check my email. I can't remember when I thought of Lennox Matthews as a heroine name, but it's there and perhaps it's her way of leaving a calling card of sorts. Not talking to me yet, only letting me know she's there when I'm ready for her.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Huzzah! My very first reviewer-review will be up soon. Very neat. Add to that the fact that tonight is both Survivor and Dancing With the Stars, and it makes for a good evening (though I did have to skip romance reading group to run errands and put away laundry, oh the excitement.)

Definetly moving on toward the end of OitS, with the last scene I'll be doing in a certain locale until help arrives. Time for my heroine to make her move, and the quasi-bad guy to make a choice for good.

Finished reading The Novelist by Angela Hunt, and this only confirms why all I need to see is her name on the cover and I know I'm in for a great read. There's a story within a story in this one, good use of allegory, and even a few writing hints hidden within. This one wasn't romance, but her hard to find contemporary romance (blanking on title) is being reissued by Steeple Hill, so I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for that one. ::Happy sigh:: Maybe time for a reread of some of her historicals. In the romance department, I'm reading Jeane Westin's Lady Anne's Dangerous Man, for review, so I will save the vast majority of my comments for that, but the cover is beyond gorgeous and I am doing virtual backflips ::floop:: over the Restoration setting.

RWA chapter meeting this weekend, and my very good friend and critique partner, Melva, will be joining our chapter, which makes the meeting extra special.