Friday, September 17, 2004

It's a good day. Found out early in the morning, after finding evidence of non-domestic rodentia, that we really don't have to worry about the provider of said evidence. Olivia kitty had already dispatched it. Not eaten, just killed. Good kitty.

Also worked on getting my furry mess of scenes trimmed down and into order, in the body of the ms. I have more than I thought I had, plus it gives me a good indication of where to go next. Yay. One of my CPs, Vicki, who is a talker, like me, called my villain creepy and insisted he have a horrible horrible death before the end of the book. ::salutes:: Can do. Piecing these out of order scenes together actually brings kind of a rush. Points in the right direction and keeps up the momentum.

AOL music is still part of the process. I may have to break down and CDs. Forgot I like Matchbox Twenty; better support them.


Marguerite Arotin said...

My Cat, Polly is a good mouser too and has brought her mommy presents before. One time she brought it up while it was still alive and started chasing after it. After awhile, I actually felt sorry for the mouse and wnet upstairs while she did her feline duty. She sat at the foot of the stairs and meowed to let me when she was finished :-).

Hmm, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas is too cute but he's married and his wife, Marisol is drop dead gorgeous (she was in the Smooth video). Oh well, he is nice to look at though, has an excellent voice, and is one of my favorite songwriters.

Anna said...

He is fabulous, isn't he? I remember seeing his wife in Smooth. Really nice looking couple. His songs are brilliant, too. I caught him on Storytellers a while back, and was interested to find out that 3AM was written about his mother.