Sunday, September 12, 2004

Greetings from the walknig dead. Or, as the husband would put it, "very happy but very very tired." Yesterday was our RWA chapter's (::waving:: Hi, Kate!) first conference with guest Susan Meier and Sandra Marton, and the proverbial good time was had by all. Old friends, new members, catching up on critiques we didn't get to finish from last week, plans to get together and start an in-person and/or online critique group, and if the gorgeous wallpaper in the women's room turns up missing, we know nothing about it, do we? (insert innocent look here)

Added a trip to the annual library sale in my dad's town to the regular Sunday affairs. Not a lot in the romance department, though that section would be a category lover's dream. Several trads as well, but not a lot of the historicals I was there for. Snagged a few other books to begin the husband's Christmas stash, so I am well ahead of the game.

Ran into my old high school librarian at the sale, and when she asked how I was doing these days it was fun to tell her that she must have done her job right, since I just sold my first novel. She agreed she must have, and peered into my box to see if I had "good books or trash." While I debated inside my overheated cranium (sun, sun, sun) what to respond with, she proceeded to tell me how she liked going home to "read trash" after being around all that nonfiction and stuff all day. I told her my novel was a romance, and she said that'll do. I don't know if she was a romance reader when I was in high school, but way to go, Mrs F!

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Anonymous said...

waving back. Hi Anna!

Hmmm . . .I will be looking at all the boxes/purses/etc you decoupage from now on to see of there are traces of that wall paper.