Friday, September 03, 2004

Augh, big picture again (but that was in the code already, I'm sure) and for some reason, my actual post didn't show. Urgh. Anyway, I have My Outcast Heart ready to send in (final version, eep) and did more work on the new story idea this morning. I love it when pre-writing falls into place that easily. Still don't know the exact era, but I have it narrowed down into a timeframe, and know the nationality of one of the pair, have a good lead on the other, since it would work perfectly for the plot.

Work on the WIP on Monday, I think, since the husband is off tonight, and we enjoy being with each other too much to get any work done. Mostly finding something Law & Order related on the tube, and reading bits to each other out of whatever we're each perusing at the time. Boy, are we old and married. :)

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