Monday, February 07, 2005

Ugh. Sooooooooo tired. Still have to get laundry, and that cannot be what my hair looks like only one day after washing it. Today was a Monday of Mondays, and only the thought of my loving husband going out to get food and me sneaking in a Sims2 session while he is gone keeps my eyelids at full half-mast.

At least the online class problem is solved...I think. URLs are important, folks, so please check your bookmarks on a regular basis. Thus ends today's public service announcement.

As for a private service bothers the stuffing out of me if I'm trying to do something writing related, there is another human in the next room, and there is no sound. Don't ask me why, but it drives me batty to the point of distraction. Put the tv on, or music, doesn't matter what, but some sound for crying out loud. Yes, crying out loud would be better than dead crypt silence. Which is why I don't write when people are home, but this isn't exactly writing.

I should probably go read something meaty, because tomorrow, I have to have a what-for with a certain character who told me something last week, and it doesn't jibe with the history in a very very important way, and history trumps what she said. Harumph.

Must think of what foodstuffs to suggest to husband. Maybe Quizno's. But I really do have to find something meatier for my tub book -- enjoying the current read (a modern to medieval TT but it's lighter than I normally go for, though the hero is a survivor of child abuse, which definitely works for me.) Hmm. Maybe I should push for some sort of fruity dessert also. I'm a fruit-dessert lover in a "chocolate is the only dessert or snack on the planet" family.

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