Monday, February 14, 2005

One of these days, I am going to know better than to play Five for Fighting's "100 Years" before having a boxful of Kleenex in my lap. Especially when viewing a picture I use for reference to get the mood of the couple for my (hopefully) next WIP. (Still rooting about for the right "D" name for my Scots hero...I think he's trying to tell me he wants to be christened Andrew, called Drew, a name I love, but dangit, I'm stubborn and still want to stomp about in circles over the name. Okay, I made a Sims2 Sim named Drew, who looks like him, but is that the same?)

Anyway, back to the song, a gorgeous exploration of time and life, and yes, romance. Happy sigh. Where are those Kleenex? At least I'm not watching the video (dang AOLmusic, you temptor!) but I do have the CD (The Battle for Everything, which is a great title, wonderful other songs on it, too) in my personal CD player, that of the dead batteries. So do I do the logical thing and put the CD in the puter to play it? Nope, that would require movement, so I will play this one song over and over and over again and sob until the cat gets concerned. (Again, why I do not work around other human beings. I'm a method writer, and it can scare people sometimes.)

Writing is going great; I'm looking forward to writing the bad guy liason's scene in a few minutes, and more plotting on other works. Husband and I knew we'd both be too pooped to remember our own names by the time we see each other today, so we exchanged gifts last night. I got him another stuffed dog for our collection of stuffed friends, and this wonderful man got me...a gingerbread scented candle (big one) that's even in a jar shaped like a ginger jar. He knows me. Gorgeously romantic, that man.

And aha...time for my break, where I sit on the floor and work on art things while indulging in two more romances that make me sob, cheer, and get me in full romance-writer mode. Please join me in saying a happy Valentine's Day to Dwayne and Whitley from A Different World and Maxine and Kyle from Living Single. Yeah, I'm a soppy romantic gal, which only proves I'm in the right profession.


Marguerite Arotin said...

Happy Valentine's Day Anna :-). Got the preview of AHOS last night & your interview was awesome as always. I can't believe Captive Hearts will be arriving in in-boxes soon. Yippee!! Oh & my hubby surprised me last night with an excellent gift, my own domain name :-). will be live soon :-).

Anna said...

Thanks, Marguerite! Happy Valentine's to you, too. What a great gift, a domain name. Here's hoping Captive Hearts will be the first of many.