Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Spent a good portion of today making some notes on a possible time travel novella. I think this puppy, based on an as-yet-unfinished fanfic of mine (which I do need to finish to get the basics of the TT plot) can run. Which is a nice suprise. Ever have those ideas that walk right into what you're supposed to be doing, flop onto the couch and stick their feet onto your coffee table and refuse to be quiet or use a coaster? Yeah, one of those. A few pages of notes later, they happily went to their room to amuse themselves (or each other) until I can get to them, and I can get back to Simon and Jonnet, who are cooperating nicely.

Rather a good day, if a bit zombie-like. Neither husband or I had a single nerve left at the end of yesterday, so I've been a zombie for most of the day today. Didn't get to any stamping, but I did work on Simon/Jonnet and all those notes for the TT novella, so I'm counting it as a productive day.

No nag group tonight, since all three of us are zombies, and will retire to our respective crypts. For me, that means I finally get to catch a new episode of Lost as well as the results from the first week's competition on American Idol. As long as my Anwar and Nadia are still in the game, I will be a happy camper.

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