Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday once more. Getting the must change blog look urge again. Love these colors, but I'm kind of kinetic at the moment. Some might say fussy. Maybe it's that I'm in a sixties frame of mind at the moment.

I am the same age as the Monkees and Star Trek; you do the math. So really my sixties experience was filled with things like learning to walk, read, and dress myself. If I had to picke a decade of my own life that interests me the most, I would say the 70s...but the late sixties kind of blend into that.

What got me on this track must be last night's episode of Cold Case. Husband and I love that show -- so does my dad but all he'll say about it is that "the woman never combs her hair." ::sigh:: But anyway -- sixties setting on that one, and wouldn't you know, the episode of Living Single that I caught on my lunch break had a sixties dream sequence. Guess what's playing in the background? A whole marathon of the NBC miniseries The Sixties. Hey, are they going to show The Seventies next? Did they ever do The Eighties? Though it would be hard to beat The Wedding Singer on that front. (love that movie)

What grabs me the most is the tone of the music -- mellow, protest, folk, rock, country, all coexisting, but the time stamp is very clear no matter what the genre. It's an end of innocence, a mourning of it, and the start of a new age. Not always a good one, but not always a bad one either. It's complicated. Which is how I like my stories. Poignant, with a punch. They should always have an edge, a rough spot, something that's not quite right, but my h/h will deal with it. Like real life.

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