Saturday, February 26, 2005

Got a lot of books today. Not as in when I go to a booksale (though I did find a flyer for one, so I get to make like a locust in a week or two) but for Wal*Mart, and two libraries, I made out like the proverbial bandit. Will probably put the full list on my reading room page of my site later, but snagged, along with my friend, Linda (who does not write, but is a big reader) one medieval historical romance with a warrior nun heroine (I love it already, just for that;) two Steeple Hill mass market reprints of books I'd seen in trade -- one Regency era historical with a Jewish MP hero (that tipped the scales for me, though I've still had my fill of the era) and one modern story that could be women's fiction or romance (didn't look close enough) but I remember reading something about a woman who tried to find the perfect little town to hide out in and have her baby, only to find it has all kinds of icky stuff going on. Whee, doggies.

Two US Civil War historicals by CBA author Lynn Austin, whom I love, love, love. Pamela Morsi's women's fiction Suburban Renewal -- I miss her Americana historicals terribly, but somehow her women's fiction novels always seem to end up in my library basket. I don't mean to, but they jump in by themselves, honest they do. A couple of library research books on pirates -- my guy from The Wild Rover may put in some time on the high seas. Made Linda get her own copy of Judith E. French's The Conqueror, since nobody is getting mine. Okay, it was on the swap rack at the library, but it had a perfect, unbroken spine, which is a huge thing with me. That I let her have it and not connived to swap it with my obviously-read copy shows in what high esteem I hold this woman.

Plus general errand stuff, but that's not as fun as reading about books. Which I must go read, if you'll pardon me. I've been a good writing girl and must now go fill the well.

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