Saturday, February 12, 2005

If all goes right, I should be taking the afternoon off.

Ever have one of those times when it seems every sentient being in your hemishpere comes along, takes a good look and says, "I see you're juggling sixteen things that were thrown at you all at once. Let me give you five more." Uggh. Hence my planned retreat to the bedroom and Sims2. If I don't decide to nap first, or read. Possibly take a walk.

Or light the sugar cookie candle on the dresser, pop some Phil Collins on the CD player and snuggle under the fuzzy quilt to plan out how my h/h's wedding should go. Husband is working, fridge is full of delicious things, and the prospect of an afternoon to craft the way I see fit is as delightful as finding out Godiva chocolates have no calories. Come to think of it, *that* would make for a perfect day. Guess I'll settle with the first Brach's jelly bird eggs of the season.

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