Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vicki is joining RWA. Whee! I feel like a proud mama. Vicki and I chat about writing most weekdays (when we're not chatting about the Sims) critting and enocouraging and such. This fits in with what seems to be a really good writing week, at least this later part.

Yesterday, I was a writing machine. Career planning. Outlining. Note transcription, and the rescue of a scene I thought I was going to have to dump. Instead, I moved it to a different place, changed the focus, and it looks like it's going to stay. Another proud moment. Then I have a bunch of dialog-only pages between my hero and heroine that need to get some description along with them, and pieced together into an actual scene.

I've found lately that if I approach writing a novel like I would putting on a play, things seem to go easier. The dialog-only pages are like a table read. Get everyone around a table with the script, and read through it aloud. Doesn't have to have inflection, and the actors cast may not have worked together before, but we're not going for a production at the moment; just getting things out there. No pressure.

There's blocking; where are these people physically when they are saying these words. (Sometimes when I'm stuck I will draw a diagram of the physical location, marking who is where, and can/can't hear/see/smell what others in that locale are doing.) Costume -- what are they wearing, and how will it affect their movements or perceptions? Set design and props -- what things are there that they will use, sit on, climb over, etc?

I've noticed when I do the dialog-only stuff, after a while, I will start inserting stage directions and other notes. That's a sign that I'm ready to move into the next layer.

Of course it also doesn't hurt that I deny myself any form of the Sims (1 OR 2) until I've done my work for the day.

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Kat said...

See, hon, this is why you are advancing into pro-fic, whereas I am still in fanfic. I guess I haven't pushed myself into going into the depth you do when it comes to description. I'm still in my comfort zone of hoping my readers are familiar with the storylines of the movie I'm writing about so I don't have to do a lot of description! The lazy way out, I know.

Someday I'll move onward and upward, using you, and Nora Roberts, as my guides!