Sunday, January 16, 2005

It's now official. Check for details. Arabella has folded.

I know author friends who, like me, are now free to pitch their stories elsewhere, and friends who are disappointed not to get their subscriptions, but subscribers will be refunded. I think we'd have preferred Arabella to be able to make it, but such is the way of the world. I wish the staff all the best, and am very proud to be affiliated with A Hint of Seduction.

Good stuff in my in-box also. Tim Harrison, my cover artist for My Outcast Heart, sent me some digital samples of his typical work these days (we'd worked together in the media fanzine circuit some years back, with good results) and I am, as before, very very sure I have the right artist for my cover. He'll be sending me some preliminary sketches soon, to look over, and I will of course be ready with my Snoopy happy dance when he does.

RIP, Arabella, but woohoo, art on the way!

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