Thursday, January 27, 2005

At this point, all I want to do is go home, eat something and play The Sims2. I've got Nina Caliente and Darren Dreamer in love, engaged, and as of last night got most of the stuff for a poolside wedding set up (okay, in clear view of Darren's first wife's tombstone, but I'm not moving the pool.)

The computer I work on hates me again. Not only does the printer require me to shut it off and then back on, and *then* print an individual page before repeating the cycle, but there's a glitch in the reaaaaaaaaally fabulous online class our chapter is hosting this month, and only one person has been able to register. With deadline coming in a matter of days. ::weeps softly::

Went to nag group last night (though it meant I missed the Sayid episode *again* on Lost, but my friend Linda did dvr American Idol) and did amaze the others with the big wad of paper I brought with me. Outlines of three (count them, 3!) novels, career planning strategy, and a new scene that was longer than the one I'd planned on. I chose to not mention the other scene for that book I'd written in addition ::cough:: and hid it under my copies. This way I'm one ahead for next week.

Laid out my career plan very matter of fact-ly, and yeah, I am doing the right thing. Which can be scary at times. Though I am getting very good at the polite smile and "thank you. I am concentrating on XYZ right now, but thank you for the ABC comment. Though there is still that part of my brain that wants to come back with "wah, isn't XYZ good enough?" When I know darned well it is.

Was going to post on an issue that's had some buzz in the blogosphere lately, but I'm tired, hungry, and have Sims to wed.

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