Monday, January 24, 2005

Thanks to the gorgeous storm we had this past weekend, I actually got some time off. One thing about working for myself -- my boss is a real slave driver, so when nearly two feet of the white stuff fell out of the sky, and I was stuck at home, somewhat edgy, because what am I going to dooooooooo?

My lovely husband, Rheuben, told me "watch TV, read books, and play computer games."

But...but...but...I have contest entries to judge, a book to finish, outlines to flesh out, and...well, I could read a couple of Harlequin Historicals and call it market research. Which I did. Next to husband while he snoozed until it was time to hitch the huskies to the sled, figuratively speaking. I am physically incapable of staying in bed later than my usual early rising time, so I slapped on some moisturizer, grabbed a book and dove back under the covers. Bliss.

When he left, I channel surfed and played The Sims2 for ages and ages -- finally got Darren Dreamer and Nina Caliente to crush on each other; next step love. I'll get him over Cassandra if it's the last thing I do. (She's quite happy with husband Don and their growing family.) With the exception of bathing, I did not get out of my jammies once, and it was wonderful. Bwahahahah. When can I do this again?


Kate R said...

my kids did not even get an hour's delay this morning. That is so UNflippingFAIR. There has to be 13" out there, at least. Stupid efficient town. . .

Anna said...

Totally agree, Kate. There should be some sort of clause that if the snowfall is over twelve inches, and on a weekend, kids are allowed one more snow day. Though parents might not agree with me. Hmm. Suppose it depends on the kids.