Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two entries are milling about my head at the moment, fighting the urge to go back to sleep. If it weren't for the fact that A) I am not at home right now, B) this is the marathon day of chuch (yahoo!) visit with family, and then come back to try and figure out what's throwing the spanner in the works of the registration process for our chapter's upcoming class, I would. I'm pooped.

Went music shopping yesterday morning, and though I didn't come home with it, Tim McGraw's song, "How Bad Do You Want It?" keeps running through my brain. How bad do I want this romance publication thing? Bad. Reeeeeeeeeal bad. Eat it sleep it dream it breathe it bad. Market research and career planning as well as writing, and so far, it's putting me in the right frame of mind. Definitely have to go back and get the album. Also read more.

Spent last evening playing the Sims2, getting the Pleasant twins into adulthood from teen stage and back in love with their boyfriends who grew up before they did. Angela and Dustin are now engaged, and Lilith and Dirk will be by tonight. See? I can't even get away from the romance thing in computer games. It's in my blood.

Oh, and:

You are smart and sexy!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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The librarian part is accurate, but how did hell get in there? I don't think hell has books. It's hell. Wouldn't that...oh, never mind. Great hair, though.

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