Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I like the pink. Bright, optimistic, eye catching, and identifiably feminine. Hey, all good things to look for in romance writing.

Got a good start on a new scene yesterday; though I'm all for separations that further the plot, and I'll have one of those later on, my hero and heroine crackle together. I'd forgotten how much I like the contrast between the two of them, and what a special "whole" they make.

Read a chapter in Bertrice Small's The Kadin this morning. This book was my first ever historical romance, and what set me on this road. Love the descriptions of what the Ottoman Empire looked like from the viewpoint of a young Scottish girl determined to make the best of her situation.

I know once I get over this middle "hump" I'll be in high gear once more. I love beginnings and endings; it's that middle stuff that gets me muddled. I know what happens; it's all clear in my head. It's only when I try to get it into some readable form that it deserts me.

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