Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy 2005. Wow. New calendars, so it must be. For those who follow this sort of thing (nosy!) I have the Get Fuzzy daily planner and the Worst Case Scenario day by day calendar. Because really, you never know. Hmm, wonder if they would be interested in a "Writing Romance" version of WCS. Either way, if I ever need to know how to get off a runaway camel, I'm ready.

For my wall calendar, at the moment it's the free one that came with my Romance Writers' Report magazine from RWA. Great quotes on writing romance, but I'm still looking for some scenic UK calendars. Any good recommends? I do still have my two Elaine Duillo calendars from way back when; alas, there won't be any more, but I can always scan the ones I have and slap them over the stock photography.

But new year brings new goals. Besides "activate cell phone" and "play Sims2" -- I saw the Phantom of the Opera movie on Friday and got a giant shot of "yeah, this is the sort of book I want to be writing." So do so. I've been an outlining fool during the holiday season, since actual writing time has been near nil. I'm starting blank books for the ideas cluttering my head, so when I have time to give them the attention they deserve, all the information will be in one place, with the proper collage elements tucked inside the cover (I find collaging helps the stories gel.)

Plus focussing on what makes a romance romantic. Which is a very good excuse to go see Phantom again.

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Hi Anna,
I love the new layout of your blog, it's so pretty :-).
I want to go see Phantom but doubt I could talk the hubby into going. My brother is an assitant manager for one of those nice megaplex movie theaters and can get us in for free on the days he works. I know he wants to see the Avator so maybe we can strike up a deal, I'll go see The Avator with him if he agrees to take me to see phantom :-).

So Bedford was a Firelands too? I never knew that. I thought all the firelands were in Connecticut. The title for The Firelands Bride was almost The Western Reserve Bride when I originally thought about setting the ms in NE Ohio (Cleveland & it's suburbs) where I live. I decided I liked The Fireland's Bride better for a title so I moved the story farther west to Vermillion :-). Take care Anna & hope you have a great 2005 :-)