Thursday, December 09, 2004

We have heat again, nag group is on hiatus until after the holidays (except for our annual party next week,) we get to join some Messianic friends for a Hannukah celebration on Friday if all goes according to plan, and even as I speak (figuratively) my cover artist for My Outcast Heart is working on rough sketches for a few cover variations. Life is good.

Okay, the printer on the old puter may be dying, but I did also find that Kathleen Woodiwiss has a website ( and features some of her original press and book jackets, etc. I especially love seeing her query letter for The Flame and the Flower. Also some pages from the Good Housekeeping condensation of A Rose in Winter, one of my all-time favourite books.

Seeing that made me remember when I was still on the sunny side of ten, ransacking my mother's Good Housekeeping issues for the novel excerpts, staring for ages at the character sketches (as in actual drawings) and making up my own stories to go with them. I remember two in particular I would love to track down and read the whole books.

Finding the Woodiwiss site brought back a lot of the warm fuzzy feelings (and no, not just because we have heat again) I got when I first fell in love with historical romance. Maybe I'm a throwback. Maybe I'm a new traditionalist (I rather like the sound of that one) or maybe things really do go in twenty year cycles, but that's all for another post.

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