Friday, December 24, 2004

T'was the day before Christmas and so far I have not strangled anybody.

Though I have hauled out one (1) Eeeeevil Look (tm) and wrapped one (1) actual present myself (my job is not to wrap, as I am exquisitely bad at it; my job is to booby-trap any and all presents given to those over seven or under eighty, so that Scotch tape covers all possible entry points into the actual gift.)

We are color-coded, we are organized (I think the most organized ever, thanks to a system I learned from my Aunt Sunny) and things look good so far. As I said, I have not strangled anybody yet. That may still change.

Since we're dealing with the teenyweeny microscopic tree (which looks gorgeous with mini lights and mini ornaments, btw, with a plaid scrunchie as tree skirt) we decided to try draping a fake evergreen bough across the window above it, and that added the perfect touch.

Much as I love the gathering and the gifting and decorating (not to mention that this is the only time of year that Olivia kitty is allowed to have tuna, as it turns her into a raging tuna monster) the best-best part of the day is remembering the reason for it. I checked the church calendar, and I'm not preaching this week, but wahoo! God loves us and sent a way for us to be close to Him. Definitely worth celebrating.

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