Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Normally, I don't go to televised cartoons for my perspectives on romance novels, but a particular episode of King of the Hill put me in a thinky mood. The mumble-mouthed Boomhauer discovers the love of his life, Katherine, is about to wed his neer-do-well brother, and sets out to stop things. Stuff happens, and in the end, though Katherine and Boomhauer do seemwonderful for each other, she needs time alone to sort things through.

What had me sniffling was something Boomhauer said. Lots of mumbling, as always, but the part that stayed with me "dang ol' north star; always gonna be there for you," struck me as a perfect analogy for that "you and no other" feeling I love to capture in what I write. Exactly how to do that has become my current fascination. That it that makes it clear that there's nobody for this hero but this heroine and vice versa. The invisible tie between them even when apart. That's the it I'm shooting for.

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