Monday, December 13, 2004

One of the first things I did this morning before starting actual work (well, besides fixing the promo for the online class I'll be moderating so that there is actually a URL for people to register...whooooops!) was download a house and family from my Simmy friend, Vicki (in the regard that Vicki is a friend who plays Sims, not that she is herself a Sim, because she is not. Though I did name a Sim Vicki, but lost her in a reinstall.)

Went to put the house in my game, and el crasho. Multiple times. Did a little file vetting and still a-crashing we did go. Long story short, complete clean uninstall/reinstall. Weep, weep. Tracked down the culprit, but hey, these things happen. ::sound of wailing as I realise that no, I had not backed up the files I wanted to keep after all::

But we'll move past that. I have fallen madly in love with the DVD player in the Bunninator. (The Bunninator being the new puter we have at home, a delightful thing.) With this marvel, I can watch a movie *and* write at the same time. Woohoo! At present, our DVD collection is a whopping two: Highlights from the first season of Survivor, and the Robin Wright Penn version of Moll Flanders. Mercy, but I love that movie. So far, I've only had the chance to watch most of the Survivor highlights but did get bunches of notes banged out while doing so. Very neat invention, that Bunninator.

Found a ridiculously easy and fun card design that will make some great presents, with some variations. Might work on some of those tonight.

Actual writing talk tomorrow. My brain is fried with the puter stuff today, but much creative thought has been percolating.

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