Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Day (mumblemumble) of the furnace follies. Last night, at nine-ish in the evening, while I was actually in bed, people, and the husband was getting groceries put away and we were both eyeing the sandwiches he'd brought home, what do we get but a visit from Furnace Guy? He really does exist. Thankfully I'd opted for the filched-from-husband t-shirt and not some lacy number, and executed the pillow-in-front-and-wrap-self-in-blankey maneuver. The other option was to make a mad dash for the bathroom and wait out Furnace Guy, but Plan A was the better choice; after poking around the bedroom, he then had to poke around the bathroom, and how annoying would that be?

Husband asks Furnace Guy if we will have heat tonight. Furnace Guy, IIRC, gives husband the "are you crazy" look and says no. This, apparently, is Electrician's fault, since Electrician could have shaved a couple days off the great freeze if he'd agreed to work at the same time as Furnace Guy, but did not. Electrician had best stay clear of me, or at least be packing some chocolate covered gummi bears and a Waldenbooks gift card. Heat may potentially be on tonight, but I will believe it when I am sweating.

Did I mention we had a couple of hours sans water yesterday, too? No, I did not personally need the water during that time, but it's the principle of the thing. That, and the fact that I am going through a snail mail drought, which always makes me cranky. I want letters. I want Christmas cards. Packages. Especially if they contain anything related to books or stamping.

Laid down the base coat on a decoupage project; boring brown paint, but it's progress. Thing was not brown before; now it is, therefore I did something useful. That, and I also did the work I was supposed to for figuring out the villain for The Wild Rover, and did some more plotting. Should be working on Orphans in the Storm at the moment, but I'm in a mood, so I'm blogging instead. Also vaccummed my printer and the keyboard. Yep, if I'm actually cleaning vital tools, I am in desperate need of good Christmas music.

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