Sunday, December 05, 2004

Shirley Jump

Hey, look, a blog from Shirley Jump. Go see. I'm looking forward to helping with an online class taught by Shirley in January, so this was very neat to find.

Sunday morning, still no heat. ::sigh:: Landlord promises it will be there by tonight, so I'm hoping so. Though I will have microwave popcorn (providing the circuit doesn't get blown by an army of propane heaters, like it did last night -- Landlord fixed it at eleven PM. Now, that's service.) standing by in case I get to watch The Simpsonsunder a mound of blankies. That would be me under a mound of blankies, not Homer and Marge, though that's really their business, isn't it?

Did not get to read last night, but did get to watch a PBS pledge drive thingy on disco, which was much fun. Okay, I was about nine the first time it was around, so I'm getting mine now. :)

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