Saturday, December 04, 2004

Remember my recent posts on not having enough to read? That's far out the window. If I didn't have a job other than writing, art, laundry, cat aunty and family diva, I would have to take time off to read.

Currently reading Connie Mason's Pirate Prince (I haven't read Mason in a long, long time, but hey, this is 16th century and Ottoman, and pirates -- yeah, try and keep me away. Hah, you can't. Neener, neener.) and Virginia Henley's Insatiable (not my favourite of hers, but again 16th century and it has Elizabeth Tudor and the heroine designs her dresses...though a couple of points had me making undignified noises, but that could be just me) and I have Maggie Osborne's Foxfire Bride (one of the very few western writers I read; love her to bits) but I made out like a book locust this week, and especially today.

Today was CORW day, and of course since I have the fabulous Kate Rothwell's newest, Somebody to Love (yes, I will pause while you hum the song; I'm doing it, too) but I snatched the first May McGoldrick release from my special shelf, since the McGoldricks were our speaker. Fabulous, fabulous couple, great writers, great speakers, very nice people, go buy their books now. I said now. Go. I'll be here.

::ahem:: Found out the book I brought (blanking on titles but I know the one I mean; will post here when my brain comes off strike) is a collector's item. No, I will not sell it. They brought more books. I bought more books, including their book on writing with a collaborator, since my writing partner and I are once again feeling the pull of the Monster Historical (huge Tudor saga that occasionally eats us, spits us out and pulls us back in again) and need the information. Bought the first in another of their historical series, and am slavering over them all.

Maybe I can take the time off from laundry? Nah, we need the clothes. Landlord as of this morning still has not done the magical furnace dance needed to restore heat. Hopefully by the time I get back to the abode, it will be on.

Or I can ignore arctic climes and take all those books under the covers.

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Kate R said...

Soooooooomebody to Loooooooooooove --yeah but which one? the Queen song or the one that tortured me for months the one by Jefferson Airplane?