Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I have come down with a severe case of mommyitis, and no, I do not have actual children. I know this for a fact because the husband and I frequently do a little checking. Once every couple of months, we open our wallets, call out 'allowance time' and if nobody comes in sixty seconds, we figure we're safe. So far so good.

Still digging out from the furnace guys, though we're past the worst. Christmas looming, and while I always love this season, especially celebrating the birth of my Savior, the stress that goes along with shopping, wrapping, making, coordinating four different households into one gathering and finding a time and cuisine that everyone can/will eat is not the most calming of pasttimes.

Plus the civil but surreal "discussion" the husband and I had last night; topic, "how old is the Christmas tree?" We couldn't form a consensus beteween "not very" and "really" so we're most likely getting a new one (artificial) at Target tonight. There was no official word on the viability of current garland, so will have to keep you all updated on that one. Next possible "discussion" topic: correct amount of ornaments to put on said tree. My personal stance; if you can still see actual tree, you do not have enough ornaments.

This is on top of laundry, presents that still need to be made/finished/wrapped, and exercising extreme caution that I do not consume the entire bowl of hard candies that I am mixing to form the base of the stocking filler. (Combining several different types, and yes, I could just buy Brach's Hostess Mix, but where's the fun in that?) Also trying to see if I should try one more fix or give the heck up and buy a new mumblemumble base (the recipient may be reading this) because I have so many layers of failed attempts at crackling the paint that I am really sure the dad-blasted thing is now shallower than it was before I started.

Umm, and I think my hero/heroine are mad at me. They're looking at me funny, and I don't trust them (especially her) when they get like that.

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