Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Two meh days in a row. Not great, not stinky, just meh. Though I did write today. Though nothing that can go in the book. Smeg. I redeemed some of the morning by cracking open one of the pirate research books I got from the library, so that is some work. I also ripped the two longhand pages out of the steno pad and put them on top of the CPU, so I can transcribe either tonight or tomorrow morning. As I said, meh.

Spent much of the weekend reading Neta Jackson's The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down. I did enjoy it a lot, though there are a few nits to pick. One of them my own fault. This is the second in a series about the same group of women, and I didn't read the first one (it was out at the library, and I was in a mood) so I know I'm missing stuff; will track down books one and three later. I like the group dynamics very much. No Stepford Christians here, but real women from diverse backgrounds who all have their own foibles and issues to deal with. Not all threads are neatly tied, and not everybody gets along. Very real. Though it drives me ba-na-nas when a group of friends has a name and it's used over and over and over and over and over. Yes, yes, I know the group has a name. I will not forget in two pages, I promise. I really won't. Also, I know the group's name comes from the Hebrew "yada" or "yadah" meaning respectively "to know and be known" or "to praise" but it's really really close to Ya-Ya as in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and the name of that one bugs me, too. Liked the movie, but the name bugs me. I'm funny that way.

Laundry tonight, which is more meh. Very much looking forward to shutting myself in a warm tub with Pamela Clare's Ride the Fire. American Idol tonight, so that balances out the meh of laundry. Also, we have Strawberry Newtons, always good.

Writing tomorrow for sure. I need to have a new scene for nag group tomorrow night, and I like it to really be new, not something I'd already written and bring along (in the book) but that may have to be the case. I do have a little cushion there.

Couple of new projects in the works -- an article for Italics and Gina from A Hint of Seduction has asked if I'd like to participate in something neat over there. Very much looking forward to those, so more writing there.


Kate R said...

speaking of meh . . didja have to put the jackson five in my brain?

Anna said...

Many apologies. It wasn't intentional, trust me.

Andrea said...

I was searching yada yadah and found you :)

I read the first yada yada book, can't wait to get the second one...I agree with you, I love the group of gals...they're REAL. I'd love to read more books that are similar...if you have any suggestions? :) andrea@gardenoffriends.net I'm looking for "christian" books...