Friday, March 11, 2005

I've been listening to Johanna Lindsey's The Pursuit on CD today, while working on the wip and an author interview for A Hint of Seduction, and I cannot find the reader's name for the life of me. Library CD, so maybe the version people actually buy will have this information, but it's driving me buggy.

What's lovely is that the reader is either British or good at accents (though I would love to run the Scottish accent by Maili.) Makes me wonder, when American readers read UK-set romances, do you hear the character's voices with their native accents or our own? For me, UK people "sound" like UK people in my head. Granted, usually the standard BBC version, unless I know the regional differences.

Ugh, brain just fizzled. I hate that. I'd meant to post something about reading feuling writing, and how much I enjoy being able to "visit" historical worlds, but at the moment, my grey matter is consumed with:

Read in tub

Get laundry put away

Eat dinner

Play The Sims2 until husband gets home

Ah, the glamorous writing life.

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Temperley said...

I'm odd--I always hear an American accent. lol. I do watch BBC America, but because I live here and don't hear a british accent that often, I hear my own accent in my head regardless of whether the book is set in America or not.