Saturday, March 19, 2005

May be a little scarce this weekend, as I plan to goof off, read, play The Sims2 and possibly watch bad movies on the Lifetime network. Maybe go for a walk. In short, time to rest and recoup.

I'm looking forward to a good week. The discussions at AAR have discourses floating in my mind about all the virgin widows, fake skanks, faux hos, and first husbands old and/or gay and/or etc. I can think of examples of most of them that have or haven't worked. In the hands of the right writer, almost anything can work, but it does require skill instead of shortcuts.

Saw a good number of historicals on the shelves at various places in my errands this morning, so that was encouraging. I think we are heading into an exciting time for historicals, with more variety, and still a firm spot for the time-tested favorites. Can you tell I love to yap about industry trends? Evenif they aren't things I would normally read or write, I like to at least have a working understanding of why they work for some readers, and what aspects can I play with in my own work, in my own style? Sort of like adapting projects I see in my art magazines to my existing materials.

Hmm. Maybe I'll scan a recent collage to post with my next ramble. Until then, grab some leftover pizza or M&Ms, pour yourself a Diet Coke and feel free to rummange through the lending library. I'll be right back.

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