Saturday, March 26, 2005

After a whole winter of no bugs, colds, cold sores or anything of the sort, whomp, flu. Bleh. Ah well, a good excuse to go back to bed and read, right? Thought so. May also take a crack at reconstructing my first original Sims1 family for Sims2. The house may have to wait a while, since that could be a little ambitious for my fogged brain.

Though as Elise told me, Mounds eggs are great medicine.

Brain not terribly in gear at the moment, but I did dive in and write the first scene of The Wild Rover and started on the next one. Got pounced in the middle of that by some dialog from the next scene, so filled a bunch of index cards with dialog-only (like a script.) I've started a home notebook and a travel notebook for this story (more on that later) and I have the feeling that I might be settling into the Georgian era for a while. I think I could do that quite comfortably.

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