Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A lapful of kitty and a screenful of art

Earlier this afternoon, I was as above. Coming off a very good writing morning, given self a wee break before jumping back in, and what comes up in my email in box? Right there in the return address column, I spot Tim-the-artist's addy. Scan to topic -- he used the word "file." Could this mean?

Open email -- pictures loading -- yes! The very first sketches to see if my babbling can turn into his images. I remember petting Olivia kitty and holding my breath just a tad, thinking "I'm finally going to meet him."

Huh? Him who? Dalby? I know Dalby. I wrote Dalby. I spent a hundred thousand words and a year plus of my life with Dalby. Still, this was different. The picture loaded, and I scrolled down to eye level. Would that be my book's hero looking back at me? Would we know each other? Yes, and yes.

Next step is to put the pictures on my office wall and then see what I notice when I'm not-looking-at-them looking at them (if that makes sense.) Yet another reason to look forward to morning. I'm a little bouncy in my seat at the moment, but I think today, I'm allowed.

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