Sunday, March 06, 2005

Man oh man do I love CORW meetings. Yesterday's speaker was JoAnn Ferguson, aka J.A. Ferguson, aka Jocelyn Kelley, who was fabulous as always. Six pages of notes on character, and delicious lunch, even if we did have to talk louder than usual for everyone to hear each other. I had a great time, want to do it again, and am pooped.

Confession time -- I dread Sundays. Don't get me wrong. I love going to church, seeing my church family, worshipping, hearing a great message, praying with and for people I love. It's the whole deal of getting up, going out, the abrupt shift from church to dashing off to get lunch for relativse, trek out to their town, not knowing if it will be a good day or a bad day, since nobody wants to "worry" me with details. Umm, wouldn't knowing what's going on mean I don't have to speculate, thus eliminating worry? ::sigh::

If this is a weekend, especially the sabbath, doesn't that mean it should be at a place somewhat slower than the Indy 500? I'm grumbly today because I lost *another* earring back, it's the day before laundry day, and I really really need a nap. Would I rather be writing? Yes. I had a good week going, and I hate to be interrupted when I'm in a groove.

But that's life. Conflict makes story, right? Because an entry about me lounging in the comfy chair and reading RT would be boring.

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