Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm sitting here, waiting for the circulation to come back into my foot, one of the joys for sitting the wrong way too long. The printer has for some reason decided that it needed to spit out four pages when I wanted it to print one (no wasted ink; the others were blank, but wanted to come along for the ride.) This means I get to put the green scrap paper in the printer. It's kind of a hunter's stew of back sides of papers I don't need for first drafts and such.

RWA chapter meeting tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to that. It's always a boost to the system to be around my colleagues and friends, enjoy the conversation and learn something new from our guest speakers.

Writingwise, it's been a planning day, setting up my notebook for The Wild Rover. Since I'm on the downhill side of Orphans in the Storm, I need my game plan in place for the new book. I like this getting-to-know them stage, adding flesh to the character bios I've sketched out for them, filling in the holes. Makes it a wee bit (and I do mean a wee bit) easier to look at my here-to-the-end outline of the current wip. ::sniffle:: I'm a sobby baby when I have to acknowledge I'm headed for the finish line.

Then again, it does mean I'm that much closer to starting another one, so it does balance out.

Have finally solved the purse book problem. Had started one book, thinking it was book one in a series, found out it was book four ::ahem:: and though I have two and three, do not have one. Bleh. Put book four back on shelf, stomp around in a circle muttering about why can't they put numbers on them, would that be too hard? Finally noticed Jo Beverley's My Lady Notorious, which I'd been meaning to read for ages, and now I'm tearing through it. Do I have Malloren fever? Could well be. Immersing myself in the Georgian world can only be a good thing.

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