Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It won't show up here (I am a luddite) but I took the "What Kind of Novel Should I Write" quiz at Quizilla, and got the Romance result.

No big surprise there, eh? Though Nora Roberts, not so much. I'd rather be a hodgepodge of early Bertrice Small (read her The Kadin when I was eleven and became hooked for life on historical romance) Francine Rivers (vividly remember standing outside an Ames (department store) to phone the local UBS to see if they had a copy of Redeeming Love because I had to have that book or would explode -- they did have it, I did not explode, and I still love that book today.) Valerie Sherwood, Laurie McBain, Shirlee Busbee, early Fern Michaels (when Fern was a they, not a she.) Rebecca Brandewyne. Cynthia Wright. Cordia Byers.

If all these names are listed on my personal "wall" of inspiration, they're right there beside Angela Elwell Hunt (another vivid memory, of having discovered her with the medieval Afton of Margate Castle -- which does contain a wall-banging, deal-breaking, don't-you-EVER-come-near-me-again moment, and yet I pushed past, kept reading, and fell in love but hard. Memory #2, of asking Christian bookstore clerk if there were other Hunt novels, she said no, just that trilogy -- and I went home to check on the net, and found her backlist topped fifty. Ahem, clerk. Ahem.) Liz Curtis Higgs (found her with her funny contemps, which I usually don't read, fell head over heels, can't-break-me-we've-bonded in love with her from the very first page of her Scottish historical trilogy.) Kathleen Morgan. Carol Umberger. Lynn Austin. Penelope J. Stokes. Robin Lee Hatcher. Beverly Lewis.

Of course now my mind is flooded with all those I left out, and I haven't even gotten to what I'd intended to write about in the first place. Plus I'm only chapters away from the end of my first full Jo Beverley novel, My Lady Notorious. Is it possible to sneak a book at work if you work for yourself?

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E. Catherine said...

I'm not certain there will ever be enough books. :D