Monday, August 30, 2004

The hot and cold running nostrils and weird fuzzy throat feeling are either allergies or a cold. Either way, they get trumped by the husband's foot (nothing serious, we think, but we know of a work shoe that needs to go bye-bye) and even that is not getting in the way of me finising those edits. Home stretch here, and I have passed the "this book is total (litterbox filler)" stage to the "yeah, this book is good" stage and am looking forward to turning in my final product. Still kind of scary, but neat trumps scary.

Work on branding continues, as the husband came through with a wonderful date night on Friday. Barnes and Noble. He knows me well. Came home with the third book in Karen Ranney's Scottish series, and the Romance Writing For Dummies book by Leslie Wainger (already have Julie Beard's Complete Idiot guide, both excellent.)

There's a chapter in the Waigner book (I know I spelled it wrong one of those times) about ten plots editors know well. Moment of crystallization; My Outcast Heart is a marriage of convenience story set in Colonial New York. Aha. Concise way to convey some flavor of the book right there. At least part of my brain is working even with the weekend heat. Thankfully, things should be cooling down soon.

Have an appointment to bounce the scene for Orphans in the Storm that has me stuck, off Vicki tomorrow, so that should get me going on that. Also need to make list of all partial ms's, and reasons why I am putting off finishing them. Then we get to rank them in order of how much I like them and prioritize. Cracking whips on each other seems to work very well.

Off to soak.

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