Tuesday, August 10, 2004

She's back! Had some browser problems, one overheated week, and one RWA chapter picnic in the meantime, but hopefully updates are back on track.

One thing to be noted; when there are four writers in a four-passenger car, that also means there are no normal people in the car, which does matter when trying to find a place that nobody wrote down directions for and everybody kind of sort of remembers pretty much where it was. Also helps to have someone with a charming accent around in case directions are needed. Who can blame someone for wanting directions in a strange country? Especially in a shopping complex where everything really does look the same.

I know I'm going to be getting a lot of mileage out of that ride back from the RWA picnic, especially the fact that nobody had to clarify what "pick somebody who looks like a reader" means.

In short, gathering with those of one's kind is absolutely paramount. I didn't know how badly I needed to be around my chapter sisters until I actually got the chance. Thankfully, next meeting is in the first week of September. Critique session, yay! Though I do have to figure out what to bring. That's always the tricky part. Five pages, usually the first five, but I already brought the first five of this WIP to the last session, so will probably choose from one of the backburner stories. Maybe the prequel to My Outcast Heart. I still have time.

Have actually begun the process of giving the final polish to the final manuscript of MOH, which is actually scarier than sending it off to a publisher in the first place. That this...is...going...to...be...the...final...version gives me the shivers. Then again, that's only the final version that goes to the publisher for the final edit, which comes back to me to check their edit, and then that's the final.

Pant, pant, pant. It's still good, though, and I'm pooped. More manana.

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Sidonie said...

Welcome back! And yes, it is so relaxing to be around people that do what you do: family loves ya, but they just don't understand. Good luck on those edits-I know I'd be scared of them too! >.)