Friday, August 20, 2004

Because I am unutterably pleased with myself for figuring out how to post pictures, here's the front of a card I made a couple of years ago for a friend. The central image is from a Star Trek calendar page:

Husband and I tried a new Chinese takeout place last night. Which should read as I was wearing go-outside clothes, he was not, so I got elected to go get stuff. Best Chinese we've had in years, and our two regular Chinese places are pretty darned good anyway. The capper, though, is that my fortune cookie said (I am not making this up) "romance will take you in a new direction." Made husband give it back to me after he read it, since this is definitely one for the scrapbook. Which I also need to get back to.

But today's work. I am still a busy bunny, doing the edits and going over what I have to date on The Spirit House, which idea I roughed out roughly (pun intended) about the same time I started Orphans in the Storm, which is what I should be writing on instead of blogging. Especially since I am ahead of schedule (really unheard of for me; must mean I really want it) on the edits. But the Chinese food comes into play.

Not only was it that darned good, but while I was waiting my tired hot and sweaty (not to mention crabby) self for the food to be ready, I sat in a chair opposite a gorgeous photo mural of three boats on a lake in China, and immediately my brain kicked into gear.

Okay, says brain, story here; Europeans in China, or somewhere in Asia. One of those boats has someone Anglo on it, maybe Scottish, looking for English heroine, the only two non-Asians around, trouble brewing, and really, those boats should be facing the other way, since the big happenings are going to be on the shore, and hero wants to get there in time...

...and no, I don't know what happens next, but we did get free chicken fingers for getting such a large order.

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kate r said...

Yum. Chicken fingers. Blah. Too much research about the geography and society of unnamed Asian society. Unless you make one up?

Hey, Anna, come win socks at my blog. I'm not actually self promoting for once. It's OTHER people who are writing cool things. I love flash fiction.