Thursday, August 26, 2004

Note to self...never, ever again allow picture to be taken in beige shirt with no makeup and hair pulled back. This is not flattering. The beige shirt must die. What was I thinking? At least one picture has my head turned somewhat so it is apparent I do have hair. Let's not mention the "Joe's Home Brew" sign directly behind my head either. (It was at a friend's home, and her husband's name is Joe, and he does brew his own beer, but we were drinking sparkling cider.) Ah, well. A good time was had by all, and that's what matters. It was a fun evening. Though all in attendance agree these are probably not going to be candidates for author photo-hood. Need real picture with makeup and hair down and no deer-in-headlights expression on face.

Maybe I'd best wait until my singed eyebrows grow back from following comments regarding something I've been following at I have read, I have not commented, and I am staying out of it. Too reminiscent of fan wars from my STTNG days, and when all the fur gets unruffled, several people have very good points that would make an interesting and intelligent debate. Brings to mind my favorite writing quote from the late Eugenia Price: Not every writer is going to please every reader. That's why there are so many of us.

Had a good writing group last night, excellent workday today. I've come to terms that I am at my best when multitasking, so chatting with another writer friend while simultaneously doing email and edits and looking for Sims stuff (fer crying out loud, half an hour to download the leopard-print buyable baby cradle? But I'll still probably get it before the weekend's out) results in me getting more done than if I'd tried to force myself to quietly do one thing at a time.

Should finish reading Sherwood's Lovesong tonight. Will likely follow with another oldie. These suckers are getting my writing gears going, big time.


Ellen Fisher said...

Oh, I love LOVESONG! Valerie Sherwood's books are what got me writing colonial Virginia romances to begin with:-).

Anna said...

Isn't she fabulous? Makes me proud to be Virginia-born. (So I was adopted at two days old by parents in NY -- that still counts, right? On with the next of the series...and the VanRyker books.