Thursday, August 19, 2004

Culled from a previous post that was deleted:

Since the husband needed some quiet time to snooze, I talked him into sending me to the movies last night, and he suggested I take a friend. So I did, but when we got to the theatre, there was nothing either of us wanted to see, so hied ourselves over to Friendly's (east coast chain restaurant with faaabulous ice cream) for dinner and talk about books. This friend isn't a writer, but she's a fan from way back in my fanfic days, (not how we met, but part of how we became friends) so it's good to keep her around for book talk. Much talk about the depth of plot and character and historical detail we've seen in the past and which I hope to include in what I'm writing now. That it must be this particular man, and this particular woman, in this particular time and nobody and nothing else will do. That's what I'm shooting for. One man, one woman, one lifetime. Hmm, could be a good "brand." Must add to list.


Sylvia Day said...

Good brand. I like it! I love to bounce ideas off people, they just seem to multiply that way!

Anna said...

Thanks. Ideas do seem to multiply, the more I bounce them off someone. Must be made out of the same stuff as superballs.